Adolescent Development and Alcohol

Adolescent Deviant Peer Clustering as an Amplifying Mechanism Underlying the Progression from Early Substance Use to Late Adolescent Dependence

Early substance use co-occurs with youths' self-organization into deviant peer groups in which substance use is central to social interaction.

The Relation of Adolescent Substance Use to Young Adult Autonomy, Positive Activity Involvement, and Perceived Competence

A longitudinal study of high-risk sample to test the relation between adolescent alcohol and drug use and later young adult autonomy, positive activity involvement, and perceived competence.

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Alcohol; what's the problem?

Alcohol and The Adolescent Brain

Neurocognitive Functioning of Adolescents:  Effects of Protracted Alcohol Use 

Examines associations between alcohol involvement in early to middle adolescence and neuropsychological (NP) functioning.

Hippocampal Volume in Adolescent-Onset Alcohol Use Disorders

Compared the hippocampal volumes of adolescents and young adults with adolescent-onset alcohol use disorders to those of healthy matched comparison subjects.

Adolescence and the Trajectory of Alcohol Use:  Basic to Clinical Studies

Emerging findings from developmentally focused research indicates subtle but important neurocognitive disadvantages among adolescents with alcohol-use disorders compared to teens without.

Alcohol and the Youth Brain.

According to the National Institute of Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism  (NIAAA) every year in the United States as a result of underage drinking...

about 5,000 young people under age 21 die
1,900 deaths from motor vehicle crashes
1,600 from homicides
1,200 from alcohol poisoning, falls, burns, and drowning
300 from suicides

What does the research show?

Alcohol Companies are Targeting Your Youth